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We Made a Card Game

By Seth Worley

We Made a Card Game

It's called Major Motion Picture, and it's really fun. Here, we'll show you:

How to play Major Motion Picture

One person plays as the Studio, the rest as Writers.

The Studio makes the assignment...

...drawing 3 cards and choosing 2 to assign.

The Writers pitch their movies...

...utilizing as many of the Writer cards (each containing a random plot element) in their hand as possible.

The Studio buys their favorite idea.

The winning Writer puts the cards they used into their Purchase Pile. Everyone else discards and replenishes their hands to 5.

The Studio rotates to the next person...

...and the cycle continues. The Writer with the most cards in their Purchase Pile at the end of the game wins!

What else?

We'd love to tell you more, but we can't just yet, because reasons.

For now, head over to this impressive and official page to learn more and sign up for the email list, so we can tell you the very second it's available.