Storyclock Notebook 3-Pack

Storyclock Notebook 3-Pack

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THE ULTIMATE NOTEBOOK TRILOGY. Develop up to 36 stories and research 36 movies or the same movie 36 times*. 

The Storyclock Notebook is purpose-built for turning your ideas into stories, utilizing the simple method of visualizing your story like a clock.

Each notebook is 7”x5.5”, 52 pages, and includes:

  • A contact and logging page to keep track of your research and development
  • 12 Research Logs
  • 12 Development Logs
  • A couple of pages for miscellaneous notes (whether they’re writing related or just some girl’s consensually-provided phone number)
  • Nerdy storytelling resources on the front and back inside covers

Plus you get a bonus downloadable video tutorial from Seth!

Not sure what a Storyclock is? Learn more about the Storyclock methodology here.