Storyboard Notebook

Storyboard Notebook

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Use the Storyboard Notebook to sketch out your shot ideas and arrive on set ready to work.
  • 5.5" x 7"
  • 288 Boards
  • Notation Fields
  • Cover Resources

      Draw. Shoot. Bang Bang.

      The Storyboard Notebook is the perfect place to sketch out your shot ideas so you can arrive on set ready to work.

      No Skill Required. Just Vision.

      Don't worry about making it look good. That'll happen on the day. Just scribble your idea into the 16:9 box! You can use the included labels, checkboxes, and description field to help make sense of your stick figures. Simply draw, notate, and repeat.

      (Pretend to) Know Your Stuff

      Reference the handy cinematography cheat sheets on the inside covers when you're planning your shots or on set pointing at things.

      Get Educated.

      Confused? Scared? We made a tutorial to teach you everything about the Storyboard Notebook.

      Notebook Specifications


      7 in


      5.5 in





      Made in the U. S. A.

      The Storyboard Notebook

      Because you got vision.

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