Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Gift Ideas for Filmmakers

By Seth Worley

2019 Gift Ideas for Filmmakers

Behold! The Mostly Annual Plot Devices 2019 Gift Guide, here to help you find the perfect thing for the writer or shooter in your life. They can be a tricky lot to shop for, especially if you're looking for something practical that they'll actually use (if you're not looking for that, we included a few things for you at the end).

Table of Contents

  1. Learn: Stuff to teach and inspire.
  2. Create: Stuff for making stuff.
  3. Wear: Stuff to put on your body.
  4. Entertain: Stuff for fun and recreation.
  5. Donate: Stuff that helps others.
  6. Tom Hanks: Stuff that has Tom Hanks.
  7. Garbage: Stuff you shouldn't get anybody.


Stuff to teach and inspire.

A24 Screenplay Books - $60.00

Pre-order the second editions of the limited edition screenplay books for Ex Machina, The Witch, or Moonlight from A24, the company your friends won't stop tweeting about.

Short Films 101 with Seth Worley - $65.00

Plot Devices’ own Seth Worley teaches what he knows best in 15 jam-packed lessons on creating Short Films.

A Long Time Ago In A Cutting Room Far, Far Away by Paul Hirsch - $30.00

Get a behind-the-scenes look in this new autobiography from legendary film editor Paul Hirsch, who worked on Star Wars, Carrie, Mission: Impossible, Steel Magnolias, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

The Process Is The Inspiration from House Industries - $50.00

Featuring creative geniuses from all industries, this beautiful book is a collection of “helpful lessons, stories and case studies that demonstrate how you can transform obsessive curiosity into personally satisfying and successful work.” It also has a foreword from JJ Abrams, so.

Masterclass All-Access Pass - $180.00

With pros like Spike Lee, Judd Apatow, Helen Mirren, Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese, Shonda Rhimes, and Aaron Sorkin teaching their craft, get the ultimate education in Film & TV without the price tag of a degree. Plus, if you want, your friend can learn tennis from Serena Williams.

Story Conference 2020 - $399.00

Be inspired and learn from storytellers in all different fields at this annual gathering in Nashville, Tennessee.


Stuff for making stuff.

Storyboard Workbook from Plot Devices - $24.99

Our BRAND NEW product! We built the Storyboard Workbook to streamline pre-production: draw storyboards, plan shotlists, diagram lighting overheads, create gear lists, take notes, and even learn things on the inside covers!

Storyclock Workbook from Plot Devices - $24.99

Use the Storyclock Workbook to break open your story ideas and get your hands dirty, mining your ideas, resources, and inspiration for every last ounce of potential. Perfect for writing screenplays, novels, sermons, wedding toasts, ransom notes -- anything with a beginning, middle, and end!

Storyclock x Storyboard Pro Kit from Plot Devices - $40.00

Get BOTH of our workbooks (for cheaper!) and render the filmmaker in your life pretty much unstoppable.

Notes and Notating Pencil Set from CW Pencil Enterprise - $14.00

Creating means iterating, so get to it with this set of pencils from CW Pencil Enterprise curated especially for notes and notating.

Slugline - $20.00 (iOS); $40.00 (MacOS)

Whether you're at your desk or on the go, get words on the page with the minimalistic Slugline MacOS and iOS apps.

Switchpod - $99.00

Is it a handheld camera grip? Or is it a tripod? Yes.

Gold Fold - $150.00

Walk like an AD, talk like an AD with this handy on-set document storage solution so useful it's almost a cliche.

DJI Osmo Pocket - $399.00

Shake it a shake shake shake it with this shockingly awesome pocket-sized gimbal.

Red Giant Complete - $599.00 ($299 on Dec 10!)

Get your friend literally everything Red Giant makes for an entire year. These are some of the best tools for visual effects and motion design on the market, including Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, PluralEyes, Universe, and the brand new VFX Suite.


Stuff to put on you or someone else's body.

Sandwich Hats

First they invented the modern explainer video. Now they've invented hats. We're big fans. They may not have invented hats.

MiniDV Enamel Pin - $6.00

Log and capture someone's heart by giving them one of these babies.

Movies Winter Hat from Movies Brand - $25.00

These guys made the list in 2017, but, like movies, they’re still relevant today. They've expanded from caps to basically anything one could think to adorn with the word "movies", but we’re partial to the winter hat, because it's winter and we're cold. Here’s Anne repping hers on the set of Darker Colors last December.

Greta Gerwig Tee - $25.00

Celebrate Greta the Great by wearing this special edition tee to opening night of Little Women.


Stuff for fun and recreation.

Movie Theater Annual Membership/Subscription

AMC | Arclight | Alamo Drafthouse | Belcourt Nashville

Gone are the days of seeing a whole bunch of movies on the dimes of rich millionaires, but the path has now been forged for movie theaters to create their own offerings. With Oscar season coming up, your film fanatic will love you forever (or at least for a year) with the gift of a membership or subscription to your favorite local spot (or chain).

The Movie Misquote Game - $24.00

Help your loved-one be inclusive with their cinematic knowledge with this game for all movie watchers from Little White Lies.

Little White Lies Subscription - $35.00

If you’re one of those people telling other people to “stop watching TV and read more,” here’s one way to put your words into action.

Moonrakers - $65.00

Our friends at IV Studio made this game and it's awesome. They also made the animated version of our logo, which is also awesome. The point is: awesome.


Here are a few organizations we love that empower the next generation of writers and filmmakers. Make a donation in your friend’s name (or in your own name, why not?) and make a difference. We encourage you to seek out a local organization in your community as well!

826 National

This national network of writing centers is dedicated to amplifying the words of young writers.

AMP Los Angeles

Based in northeast Los Angeles, Amp creates opportunities for kids to discover their voice in becoming future leaders, storytellers and game-changers through after-school tutoring, exposure to industry settings, and professional education in the arts.

Script 2 Screen Nashville

Based in Nashville, Script to Screen utilizes kids' existing enthusiasm for the movies to creatively practice literacy skills—by reading and analyzing a feature film script before writing and creating their own short film.

Tom Hanks

Stuff that has Tom Hanks.

T. Hanks Cards - $16.00

With all the gifts your loved-one is getting, they’ll need to write some thank you notes. And what better thank you than a card featuring America’s Dad, Tom Hanks.


Please don't buy anyone any of this.

This Thing - $14.95

Please don't buy anyone this. Get them a Plot Devices Pro Kit instead.

Don't - $37.99

If you buy this for someone, there is a 100% chance that they will continue to make popcorn in the microwave. Get them a Plot Devices Pro Kit instead.

Why - $9.99

This isn't even referencing a street-related thing. Get them a Plot Devices Pro Kit instead.

Uggggggghhhh - $17.99

We beg of you. Do not bring these into someone's life. Get them a Plot Devices Pro Kit instead.