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Free Desktop Wallpaper

By Seth Worley

Free Desktop Wallpaper

The other day, Micah was like, "hey guys, look how cool all the Research Log headers look together," and we were like, "shut up and make that a wallpaper to give our customers," and Micah was like, "great idea," and we were like, "what part of shut up do you not understand," and Micah was like, "I understand all the parts," and we were like, "good," and then he didn't say anything for a few minutes, and then we were like "jk you can talk love you bro."

So here's a free desktop wallpaper for you! Just remember to mention us when your coworkers and family members inevitably say, "nice wallpaper!" and "where can I get that?" and "we're not allowed to change the settings on company computers just FYI."

Storyclock Research Wallpaper

Download and go nuts.