New Podcast

The Writers Room Game Show

By Seth Worley

The Writers Room Game Show

We took a look around and decided there weren't enough podcasts in the world. So we fixed it. We fixed the world, everybody.

We started a podcast with our friends at Weekend Video! It's called The Writers Room Game Show and it launches July 7th.

How it works

Every week, you can listen to our own Seth Worley and Ryan Polly generate an original feature film idea from scratch in under an hour, working from a set of randomly generated prompts: genre, tone, target audience, and studio mandate (a random thing the “studio” demands).

Here’s an example (we literally just ran the generator to make this):

  • Genre: Rom Com
  • Tone: Fun
  • Audience: Women Age 25-39
  • Mandate: Must take place in the ALIEN universe.

Seth and Ryan would then have an hour to break a charming love story about acid-bleeding aliens that somehow appeals to moms, and you'd get to hear every second of their failure.

New episodes every Wednesday starting July 7th wherever you get your podcasts! To learn more, check out!

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p.s. Can we all bask in the glory of that artwork by Meg Lewis? (Yes)