According to the internet, a plot device is, "any technique in a narrative used to move the plot forward."

Co-founded in 2017 by filmmaker Seth Worley (known for his short films and branded content for clients like Bad Robot, Red Giant, and Sandwich Video), Plot Devices™ strives to make products that cultivate spontaneity and resourcefulness in the trenches of filmmaking. Tools for writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, prop masters -- anyone who contributes to this gross miracle we call filmmaking.

In a space where most tools focus on enhancing the on-screen results, Plot Devices™ exists to enhance the process, with tools to help you and your stories move forward. Notebooks for screenwriting and storyboarding, apparel and wall stuff for motivating (looking cool), and more to come.

Because filmmaking is hard. Steven Spielberg once called it, "an unnatural act," and he was right. Because he's Steven Spielberg.

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We're kind of named after this short film.

Our company name pays homage to Seth's 2011 short film for Red Giant, PLOT DEVICE.

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It all started with the Storyclock Notebook.

A notebook designed for screenwriters, the Storyclock Notebook was brought to life in May 2017 by over 5,000 Kickstarter backers, who pledged over $100k in 30 days.

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